Hi! I'm Savannah 

I fell in love with traveling from a young age!  I've always been curious about new places and cultures!  I've traveled solo, with girlfriends and in large groups!  When I met my husband we discovered we both loved to explore new places.  We traveled quite a bit while we were dating to many National Parks in the US  and I guess the wanderlust has continued to grow for both of us.  Since we've been married (almost 4 years) some of our favorite places we've been are the Hawaiian Islands, Italy, Switzerland and Greece, and many and National Parks in the our home country.  We mostly love exploring natural beauty, hiking and being active.  At home, I'm a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer who loves motivating others to live their best life!  

My goal is to provide unique and off the beaten path travel experiences that provide culture and adventure!

Hope you enjoy!